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The time in which an email is delivered to the inbox is as important to its success as the content, subject line, and call-to-action. Because timing is so critical to a campaign’s performance, we’re excited to share we’ve just released another feature that allows you to optimize when your subscribers receive your campaign: Send Time Optimization.

Time Zone Sending/ Time Zone Optimization customer data

You may remember reading earlier this month we announced Time Zone Sending, a feature that enables you to deliver your email campaign at the same time in each of your subscriber’s local time zone. Read on to learn how the two features are different from one another, and when to use one vs. the other.

Breaking down your send time optimization options

Send Time Optimization looks at when people are most likely to open it. This takes the guess work out of choosing the ideal send time because we calculate it for you based on things like a recipient’s previous engagement and where they are located.

Now available to all our Premier customers; Send Time Optimization is ideal for email content that isn’t necessarily time-sensitive but should be delivered when the subscriber is most likely to engage to maximize ROI. A travel and hospitality organization may want to announce new deals at a time when their audience is most likely to explore the options and make a purchase.

Time Zone Sending, meanwhile, gives you the power to deliver your email at a precise time in the time zone in which your subscriber resides. Available to Premier and Unlimited customers, this is a great option for campaigns where timeliness is critical; for example, a retail marketer may want to announce a flash sale that needs to be delivered first thing in the morning world-wide before stores open, or for a publisher who wants an article about dinner recipes to land in the inbox right as their subscribers are getting off work.

Wrap up

Nearly a quarter of all email opens occur within the first hour of delivery; by the second hour, opens drop by half. If it’s critical for your emails to land in the inbox at a specific time, or you want to increase engagement, we encourage you to use these optimization features. If you need to change plans, check out our pricing page for details.


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