New Behavioral Email Marketing from Campaign Monitor


Earlier this year we announced the acquisition of Tagga – one of the market’s leading customer data platforms – to fuel a new era of B2C marketing automation. Today we’re thrilled to announce the availability of our new behavioral email marketing and automation suite. These features allow growing brands to tap into subscriber’s behavior and make it easier than ever create more sophisticated and hyper-targeted email strategies.

All of your data, all in one place

Campaign Monitor already offers a wide range of integrations and flexible sign up forms, but now you can bring in even more data from your website, e-commerce platform and any other third-party app to create a personalized email strategy that drives real results for your business.

Powerful, dynamic segmentation for smarter personalization

Easily create highly targeted segments based on consumer behavior, and automatically move consumers in and out of segments as their engagement with your brand changes over time.

Behavior-triggered automation to accelerate conversations

A well-segmented email marketing strategy is crucial, so when a subscriber visits your website, you want to take that opportunity to make sure they convert. Work with your team to set up behavioral triggers and design a new journey with just a few clicks.

Build stronger relationships with 1:1 content in emails

Let consumers know how special they are by delivering emails that are tailored to their behaviors and interests. Use our drag-and-drop email builder to deliver unique, 1:1 content based on how they browse, where they click or what they’ve purchased.

Campaign Monitor empowers us to execute hyper-personalized marketing campaigns and is driving engagement and revenue for our business.— Andrew Walker, Email Marketing Manager, Flight Centre Travel

Throughout our conversations with growing B2C brands there are two major challenges that we discovered, and are aiming to alleviate with the launch of these new behavioral email marketing capabilities:

  1. Making data about a subscriber’s behavior usable by a digital marketing team is a top challenge.
    Marketers know that they’re sitting on a gold mine of data, but getting that information about consumer’s behavior into their ESP, in a usable fashion, requires more resources than they typically can afford.
  2. Finding an email tool that has the right balance of sophistication and ease of use has been one of the biggest success blockers. 
    Brands are outgrowing freemium ESPs because they need more sophisticated capabilities, but the marketings suites are way too complex and require ongoing support from developers or professional services teams to operate.

Wrap up

At Campaign Monitor, our goal has always been to make powerful technology accessible to marketing teams of any size – to solve complex problems in a much more simple way. We know that personalization is a big area of focus for our more sophisticated customers, so we’re excited to deliver these advanced features in the easy-to-use, Campaign Monitor way.

All of these behavioral email marketing features will be available in our new Advanced pricing plan that’s designed to provide you with all of the partnership, features and support you need to develop more loyal subscribers and 1:1 relationships through email.

To learn more about behavioral email marketing and our new Advanced plan, contact our team.



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