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Last Updated: April 2020

At Campaign Monitor, we’re always building new product improvements to help you design and send captivating email campaigns. In 2020, we’re particularly focused on building tools and functionality that will give you an intuitive, modern and confidence-inspiring email experience.

Here’s a roundup of what we’ve recently shipped.

April 2020

Design and spam test update

The design and spam test* shows you how your email is displayed in different email clients (Gmail, Outlook etc.). It also runs your campaign through popular spam filters to detect anything that could prevent delivery.

screenshot of campaign monitor's design and spam test, showing a list of clients available for previewing

We recently made a number of user experience updates to this feature, giving the page a more modern look and feel, along with a simplified navigation experience. You can run a design and spam test after selecting your subscriber list when sending a new campaign. Click Send a test in the campaign snapshot.

*This feature is available on the Unlimited and Premier plans.

Facebook Share icon in the email builder

We made a small update to the social media footer options in the email builder. After listening to your feedback, we added a Facebook Share icon, making it easier for your subscribers to promote and share your email content with their network.

March 2020

New Campaigns page

The Campaigns page has undergone a big refresh. Along with an updated look and feel, there are new features to help you search and take the right action with your email campaigns.

The biggest update you’ll notice is the introduction of a sleek new thumbnail view. This was a feature many of our customers requested, as it’s a handy way to view all your email designs at a glance. Alternatively, the list view gives you more detail, such as the “last edited” date.

When you’re responsible for sending lots of different campaigns, it can be tricky to remember exactly what you named it,so we expanded the search functionality to allow you to search by either the campaign name or the subject line.

The new page also includes a bunch of new, intuitive updates allowing you to:

  • Bulk delete or duplicate multiple campaigns at once.
  • Filter sent messages by date.
  • Preview a draft campaign directly from this page.
  • Run a design and spam test on a draft campaign from this page.


list of campaigns in a new interface within the Campaign Monitor app

Coming soon: powerful organization and filtering tools to help you easily manage your email campaigns.

January 2020

SMS and phone links

Now you can add a phone or SMS link to different elements of your email design, making it easy for your subscribers to contact you directly.

When a phone link is clicked, the mobile device will dial the linked number. An SMS link will trigger the text message app to open, with the number prefilled. This is perfect when adding a call to action like “Call us now” or “Text to register.”

Pop-up forms, plus new tools in the signup form builder.

Following the release of our updated signup form builder last year, we added even more features and functionality, including the highly requested option to create a pop-up form.

Other improvements include the ability to create custom fields directly in the signup form builder. We also released additional formatting options (font, color, and button size) to help you personalize and customize your signup form.

screenshot of the Campaign Monitor signup form builder

December 2019

Customize more details for mobile recipients.

New tools in the email builder now grant you control and flexibility over how your email design displays on mobile.

Stack Column Tool: A multi-column design can look great on a desktop computer. However, when this content is adapted for a mobile device, multiple columns can either appear condensed, in the wrong order, or confusing to navigate. To help ensure your email design displays correctly on desktop and mobile, you can now use the stack columns tool. When you select a multi-column section, you can choose between three different options for how this content will display on a mobile device:

  • Stack columns (default)
  • Stack columns in reverse
  • Keep side by side

Showing how zig-zag pattern works on mobile.

Background focal point tool: this will help ensure that the chosen section of your image is always in view, even when resized for a mobile device. This is useful in helping you avoid cropping the most important part of the image when it appears in a mobile view.

Showing how focal point works.

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