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We recently introduced a brand new way for our customers to add an image to their email campaigns created in the email builder, opening up a variety of options to expose more personalized, dynamic images to your audience. In addition to being able to drag-and-drop an image in locally, you can now add an image from an external URL.

This means you can deliver personalized ads, images that change over time, even product recommendations. Please note that this feature is available for customers who have completed the Campaign Monitor approval process.

Here are three new exciting ways you can use external images to make your campaigns more personalized and engaging for your subscribers.

1. Grow revenue with third-party advertising

For our customers who utilize email as an advertising opportunity, commonly powered through a third-party such as LiveIntent and Google Adwords, Campaign Monitor can now support those ad units right in the builder. Your ad platform provides a snippet of code which will contain images that can be dropped into the email builder:

Ad Unit – Email Builder

For those of you familiar with the LiveIntent platform, you’ll know the ads can change based on demographic data you have about your audience, creating an even more targeted experience each time your email is opened.

2. Display a dynamic, live image

It’s a matter of fact that personalized, relevant content leads to higher engagement and better performance of any given email campaign. With the external image capability in the builder, you can display dynamic, personalized images – such as a weather widget or a countdown timer – from a variety of third-party personalization providers (many of our customers utilize Kickdynamic, Movable Ink, Liveclicker):

External Image – Email Builder

Contextual, personalized content, including a countdown timer, is an extremely effective technique to drive a sense of urgency among your subscribers – whether to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, or as a friendly reminder of an upcoming event. It also feels like a one-to-one message to the email recipient, a proven tactic to increase clicks and conversions.

3. Present a personalized product image

Another personalization technique that can now be achieved with external images in the builder is targeted recommendations, with the help of a partner like Kickdynamic or Fresh Relevance. Retailers can leverage this strategy to expose relevant product recommendations, while a publisher may choose to recommend content.

Personalized Product Image – Email Builder

What exactly you decide to promote is of course up to you. Once you input your dynamic URL into the builder, the personalization tags will be queried, with the dynamic URL returning the relevant image for each scenario. Custom fields with a fallback can be used for this.

Wrap up

The ability to expose images from a third party – whether it’s an ad, a dynamic image, a product recommendation, or maybe an idea not listed here – is an easy, effective way to take your email campaigns to the next, more personalized level.

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