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Since the addition of font and color customization, we’ve been working hard on more updates for our email builder, Canvas. You can now control the alignment of your text and buttons, as well as the alignment and size of your logo.


We know being able to change the alignment of text, buttons, and your logo in Canvas was something many of you were craving, so we’re really happy to have this update out to give you the layout flexibility you need when designing your emails.

Text alignment in Canvas

Plus as each element is controlled individually, things like ensuring various buttons line up with different content will now be really quick and easy. Of course we’ve kept all the smart button defaults for mobile too, so your email will continue looking great on any device automatically.

Button alignment in Canvas

Logo Resizing

We’ve also now added the ability to resize your logo from within Canvas. Maybe the default sizing for some templates isn’t always the right fit for your needs, or you just want to make a little tweak to get it looking just right. Now you can simply use the slider in the logo menu to resize your image. Text and no logo also remain options as well.


We know you just want to focus on creating your email, so we’ve paid special attention to the logo resizing details too. Like showing the image dimensions above the slider, so you can quickly check them when you’re making any changes. You’ll also never have to worry that resizing your logo will break the layout of your email or leave you with an image of poor quality. We take care of all that. A good tip though is making sure you upload a nice and big original logo image. Finally, we’ll also make sure your logo is always crisp and clear, regardless of the device it is viewed on.

Look out for more updates soon as we continue making Canvas even better. As always, your feedback continues to help Canvas evolve, so we hope you check out these updates and continue sharing your thoughts and suggestions with us.

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