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Today, more than 37% of online stores are run on WooCommerce, which means each day, hundreds of thousands of retail companies collect and store rich customer data in their WooCommerce platform when a customer completes a transaction. These data points – such as products purchased and amount spent – can fuel highly targeted email campaigns that motivate repeat purchases. But sharing that data between the two systems has often been a manual, error-prone process.

Until now. We’re delighted to share that we’ve built a new, free integration between Campaign Monitor and WooCommerce that enables businesses to increase their email engagement with personalized messaging, drive additional traffic back to their stores, and grow their email lists with simple sign up forms.

Send targeted and personalized emails with Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce

Once you’ve completed the simple, 30-second integration process – no code required –  your customer’s purchase information will seamlessly flow from WooCommerce into your email list inside Campaign Monitor.

Here are a few ideas of how you can get started sending powerful, targeted email campaigns based on your customers’ WooCommerce data.

Get started with the most effective campaigns for online retailers

Out of the box, you’ll find pre-built segments for the most effective email campaigns for online retailers to help you achieve tangible business results right away.

High spending customers

Identify your most valuable customers and reward them with special offers so they keep coming back for more. La Mer creates revenue-generating “VIP only” emails to send their most valuable subscribers.


First-time customers

When someone first becomes a customer you can automatically send an email acknowledging this milestone. Consider including a promotional offer for their next purchase to inspire them to make a repeat purchase—just like Stumptown does.


Convert new subscribers into customers

When someone signs up for your email list, seize this opportunity to convert them into revenue generating customers for your business by sending them a welcome email with an exclusive offer like SmugMug does.

Reach a wider audience with a subscription option at checkout.

Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce gives you the ability to embed an email subscription option at checkout, so you can grow your email subscriber list as you acquire new customers. Once someone has joined your list, you can continue to engage this customer long after they’ve made a purchase. This type of ongoing nurture is a proven strategy to keep customers buying from you time and again.

Wrap up

As retailers, sending emails that drive traffic to our store – be it online or brick and mortar – is our most important charter. To stand out in the inbox, get started with one of Campaign Monitor’s mobile-ready, professional email templates and design it to perfection with our intuitive email builder. With Campaign Monitor and WooCommerce, you’ll be ready to start sending personalized, targeted campaigns guaranteed to keep the register ringing!

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