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At Campaign Monitor our goal has always been to make powerful technology accessible to marketing teams of any size. To provide powerful tools in delightful ways that make it easy for brands to connect with their customers – without armies of analysts and technical resources. 

We recently upped the ante with our focus on data, because we know that it’s the foundation for a successful email marketing strategy, and the feedback has been phenomenal. One major data-related challenge that we continue to hear from growing brands is that most email service providers (ESPs), whether they be enterprise suites or lower-end tools, don’t give marketers access to the analytics they need to be agile and move the needle for their business.

“We’re always getting requests for detailed subscriber reports and campaign analytics across all of our different brands. Insights changes the game for us – it gives us direct access to the data that we need and will allow us to act much more quickly.”

– Complex Networks

Introducing Campaign Monitor Insights

Today, we’re excited to launch our new suite of analytics that provides every customer with a complete view into the health and performance of their email marketing and automation efforts. We’ve been working with a core group of customers to design detailed dashboards that don’t require an analyst or data scientist to get actionable insights.


A complete view into email marketing performance

We’ve brought together all of the performance data from every email – across all campaigns, journeys and transactional emails – to provide our customers with immediate insight into how their most important KPIs are trending. Aggregate measurements also allow brands to compare performance and make sure they are constantly testing new strategies and making improvements.


Campaign Monitor Insights – View Email Marketing Performance


Fresh perspective on subscriber health

Today, brands are focusing more on increasing engagement and loyalty within their subscriber base along with sheer audience growth. This idea of ‘audience health’ is something we are continuing to reinforce with our customers and have developed an entire set of reports that drill into subscriber activity and engagement – all the way down to the level of platforms and devices – to help brands fine-tune their email design and delivery strategy.

Campaign Monitor Insights – Audience Health

Detailed engagement and acquisition trends

Aggregating all of the data about subscriber behavior across every list and segment allows our customers to drill into which channels and regions are bringing in the most engaged consumers, identify the specific segments that are fostering higher, healthier levels of engagement, and modify acquisition spend accordingly to accelerate their ROI.

Campaign Monitor Insights – Trends

Available immediately for all

The best part is, this new suite of analytics will be automatically available for every Campaign Monitor customer. No configuration is necessary. No upgrade required.

Wrap up

The first release of Insights will roll out in two phases and is the first of many analytics-related products for Campaign Monitor. We know that data is the fuel of the future, and we believe it’s our responsibility to arm our customers with the insights that they need to be successful.




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