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We’ve recently unleashed a couple of API updates that should make things easier for our developer friends. Included are three new methods, plus a handful of parameters which are likely to be particularly useful if you’re syncing subscribers between your app and ours. If integrating with Campaign Monitor is your business, here is what’s new in our API.

New methods: Deleting subscribers and unscheduling campaigns

First up, the big one – you can now delete subscribers from a list using our API. Unlike our existing method for unsubscribing subscribers (wow, a mouthful), a delete request results in an email address being marked as ‘Deleted’, but not added to the account’s suppression list. This is particularly useful when a subscriber is to be re-added to a list at a later time, say, when ‘pausing’ a subscription for a few weeks. Of course, a little discretion should be used when deleting a subscriber via the API, rather than unsubscribing them.

In tandem is a new method for getting deleted subscribers for a particular list. Results can be narrowed down by date range, ordered by date and more.

Finally, we’ve added a new method for unscheduling a campaign, which moves a scheduled campaign back to the account’s drafts. This sure beats deleting the campaign, as was previously done.

Getting social: Forward, Like and Mention stats for a campaign

In the spirit of the social sharing reports in the app, we’ve now made sharing stats available via the API. Using the new parameters in our existing campaign summary method, you can pull forwards, likes and mentions for any given campaign, alongside the regular metrics. This is a timely addition for all you folks with dashboard apps (or ahem, ‘information radiators’), not to mention other app adventures in analytics.

Clearing custom fields on subscriber updates or bulk imports

Last but not least, we’ve added a parameter for clearing custom fields to our existing methods for updating a subscriber and importing many subscribers. This allows you to clear one or more options on multi-value custom fields and totally clear other custom field types.

Our API wrappers, updated and ready to use

To reflect the new methods described above, we’ve updated all our official wrappers for v3 of the Campaign Monitor API. We’ve got wrappers for Ruby, PHP, .NET and more, so chances are, our API speaks your language!

A huge thanks to Paul Duran and our development and testing teams for this sweeping update. Most importantly, thanks to you – all of the above happened because developers stepped forward and provided us with amazing feedback, so if you have any any suggestions for new methods or improvements, get in touch with our team. Alternately, hustle with our lively API developer community and post questions, get the word on updates and most importantly, cut some darn good code!

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