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We’ve just made some big changes to how we deliver your emails that will give a huge speed boost to those of you sending larger campaigns. Customers with smaller lists probably won’t notice a huge difference – your campaigns were already delivered very quickly. Those customers sending to list in the hundreds of thousands or millions however, should see some dramatic improvements.

Our initial testing shows that larger campaigns are now being delivered up to 8 times faster than before the upgrade. Our delivery speeds were already quite fast before the upgrade, so big props to our engineers for such a significant improvement.

While your campaigns will now be sent much faster, we’ve also continued to build smarts into how we handle the delivery of your campaign on a per ISP basis. Different ISP’s have different rates they like to accept email, so your campaigns will be delivered as quickly as possible to each ISP, but never too quick as to cause deliverability problems. This is the first in a series of speed improvements we’re making across the application, and will have more to announce soon.

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