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Champagne has been superseded by Champagne 2. View our updated plugin page.


Champagne for ExpressionEngine may have been in the wild for a few weeks already, but discussing it now doesn’t discount the fact that it’s one of the most fully-featured CMS plugins for Campaign Monitor that we’ve seen. Built by the fine folks at Natural Logic, Champagne allows you to generate both the HTML and text versions of an email campaign, schedule delivery and even select lists and segments for sending to, all from the ExpressionEngine interface.

The first thing that struck us is how simple campaign creation is. Once you setup Champagne, a new tab is added to EE’s ‘Edit’ view. Using this tab, you can define campaign recipients and when your campaign should send. Just like other content, EE templates are used to render HTML and Text versions of your campaign. Generating a text version of a campaign is made easy with a handy plugin that is included. Champagne then does the heavy lifting by automatically creating the campaign via Campaign Monitor’s API and getting the final product out the door. This same tab displays a summary of results once the campaign has been delivered.

Champagne also provides tags for adding Campaign Monitor subscriber forms to your EE sites. Custom fields are supported. Take a look at their documentation for further details.

Campaign Monitor integration with EE has seriously streamlined the content publishing experience – with a few clicks, you can push your content to the web and email, all from within the EE interface. Using your Campaign Monitor account, you can view detailed reports, edit and resend sent campaigns and take control of your subscriber lists and segments.

Champagne for ExpressionEngine costs USD $35 for a single site license, or USD $84 for a 3 site license pack. Find out more about Natural Logic’s Champagne for Expression Engine.

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