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While we’ve supported an account-wide custom domain for years now, the ability to set one on a per-client basis has been a popular request. Today we’re happy to share that you can now set a different domain for each client in your account.

Client domains

Makes everything client branded

The great thing about setting a custom domain for a client is that it localizes everything for that client. This means they can login into their account at that domain. All the links in each campaign they send will use that domain for link tracking. If anyone shares their campaigns on social networks, that’s the domain they’ll see.

How to set one up

Head into Client Settings for a client you’d ike to enable this for, and on the right you’ll notice a new option to “Set a custom domain”. From there you simply follow the simple DNS instructions, we’ll verify everything is set up correctly and you’re good to go.

What if I already have an account-level domain?

We’ve designed the new client-level domains to work in harmony with your account-wide domain. This means a client can still log in using your account domain, but we’ll still use their client-level domain for any link tracking, etc.

This feature is live and available in your account now, and if you run into any issues setting one up, we’re always here to help.

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