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If you have been poking around your account this morning, you may have noticed that under ‘Client Settings’ and ‘Account access and billing’ that there is a new billing option for clients to purchase their own email credits.

What this means is that if you have clients sending their own campaigns via your Campaign Monitor account, they will be able to top up their email credit balance at their own discretion. Even better, you have the choice of either charging your clients for email credits at the base rate, or charging at your own set rate and pocketing the difference as profit!

For example, if a client plans to purchase 50,000 credits for their upcoming campaigns and you have set the price of email credits at 3 cents per credit, your client will pay $1500 for the credits and you will pocket $1000 in profit (base rate is 1 cent/email).

Allowing your clients to purchase their own email credits

Setting up the facility for clients to purchase their own credits is simple. Simply head to the ‘Client Settings’ tab and click ‘Account access and billing’ to edit. Ensure that alongside the ‘Create/Send’ tab, ‘Create and send their own campaigns’ is checked, then click the ‘Billing’ tab:


Now, you can you can allow your client to purchase credits, either at the base rate or at a price set by you:


Once you’ve set the rates that you want to charge for email credits, click ‘Save Access and Billing’ and you’re off!

What does the client see?

So, say you’ve set the price of credits at 3 cents for the first 50,000 purchased. When the client clicks on ‘Billing’, then the ‘Buy credits and save’ link, they can now enter the number of email credits they want to purchase and click, ‘Calculate cost’. The total bill and credit card facility to pay for them will be displayed. You will also see the pricing structure for email credits, as set by you:


Client Settings, now prettier

You may have also noticed that as part of this update, we’ve cleaned up the ‘Account access and billing settings’ section to make it much cleaner and easier to navigate:


If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the new design, please feel free to comment below.

How can I get my clients sending their own campaigns? Offering our white-label product to your clients is a great way to add value to your existing services and bring in additional revenue. Take control and set the prices, bill clients automatically and make some sweet coin. In fact, we’ve already raised over $2 million in profit for designers like you!

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