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Despite the slow crawl the email client industry is making towards better standards support, building an email that looks good across the board is still no mean feat. I guess that’s why our design and spam testing tool is still so popular. With a single click we’ll show you exactly how your design will look in 20+ of the most popular desktop, web and mobile email clients. We’ll also run it through all the popular spam filters, for just $5 a test.

While this feature is great for your own piece of mind, it’s also very useful if you’re designing for someone else. I’ve spoken to lots of customers who like to show these test results to their clients before sending. It’s a great way to set expectations and remove any surprises. Nothing worse than a client demanding their email looks great in Lotus Notes after you’ve sent it.

With this in mind, we’ve launched a new sharing feature for all design and spam tests. Now you can provide anyone with a link where they can check out the full results for any tests you’ve run. Here’s what it looks like.

New share button for all design and spam tests

Click that button, and we’ll give you a simple URL you can pass on to anyone you like.

Simple private label URL you can share with anyone

When anyone visits that URL, they’ll be taken to a slimmed down version of your account. That means it will be 100% private label using your color scheme, logo and even your own custom domain. This is the only page they’ll have access to, meaning they can’t see results for other tests or gain access to any other parts of your account.

White label results you can share with anyone

This should make it loads easier to share your test results with anyone you like. We’ve got some more cool updates to announce in the coming days, but in the mean time, happy testing.

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