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Email authentication is a super important part of the set up process in Campaign Monitor. It’s something we recommend every customer does, whether for yourself or any clients you might be sending for. In a nutshell, authentication is all about validating that an email sender is legitimate to cut down on spam and phishing scams. It helps improve deliverability and protects your domain from being used fraudulently. Check out this explanation of authentication if this is new to you.

While authentication is a big deal, its only drawback is that it requires you to add a couple of DNS entries for your domain. This is typically where eyes begin to glaze over for some customers. To make this process as pain-free as possible, we’ve just pushed an update that removes all the guesswork when adding records to your DNS. Here’s a quick example of it in action.


When adding a new domain to be authenticated, Campaign Monitor will now head over to your server, compare the records we provide with what we see in your DNS and then tell you exactly what you need to change if there’s a problem. In the example above, we’ve detected a few characters from the DKIM record is missing in your DNS and shown exactly where they need to be added.

Once you’ve made the changes we suggest, click the verify button and we’ll head back to your DNS to make sure you’re good to go. While it seems a small change on the surface, DNS can be a frustrating thing to mess with at times, and this update makes the process a whole lot easier.

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