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If you regularly work on projects using our API, you may have seen a couple of changes in the last few weeks. Yes, we’ve been working through the wishlist, updating both our methods and wrappers so you can do much more with your data.

Email client usage, now yours to play with

Since adding the email client usage report to the app, we’ve regularly received requests to make this data available via the API. Now, we’ve finally made it happen, with the introduction of a new method for returning email client usage for a campaign. In addition, when you retrieve a subscribers’ details, the email client they last used will be returned, too.

The addition of email client usage data opens up some interesting possibilities when working with our API. For many, the big win will be the ability to graph this data in a dashboard, or add it to subscriber records in a CRM app. However, there’s nothing stopping you from using it to create interesting segments, say, when sending campaigns specifically targeting iPhone users (iPhone app release, anyone?). Or perhaps someone could try cross-referencing email client usage with subscriber geolocation data as part of an interesting Maps mashup.

Subscriber management, made simpler

Another big-ticket item was the addition of a new method for returning unconfirmed subscribers. If you have confirmed opt-in lists, this ultimately allows you to add a count of these subscribers to a dashboard, or similar. On a related note, we’ve also now got a method for adding email addresses to a client’s suppression list, which may come in useful if planning to exclude email addresses that may or may not be on any lists. Given that we also have an existing method for unsuppressing email addresses, this method may come in handy for tasks like pausing email subscriptions, excluding competitors and more.

Finally, it’s now possible to access spam complaints for a given campaign via yet another new method; we’ve also added spam complaint stats to campaign summaries. Good times for those wanting to access more complete reports from outside of the Campaign Monitor app.

Alongside these updates, we’ve also tweaked our existing methods to allow campaign confirmation emails to be sent to multiple email addresses, plus, when creating a draft campaign, providing a plain-text version is now optional. Sometimes, the little things make all the difference.

Many thanks to Jimmy on our team for pushing through these changes – you can receive the latest news from him and the team by subscribing to our API Announcements forum. Rest assured that we’ve also updated our wrappers, so you can take advantage of our new methods straight away. As always, if there’s something you would like added to our API (or improved), you can contact us directly or leave a comment below – we’re keen to hear what you have to say!

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