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Are you the business or brains behind an app? If email marketing is an integral part of your offering, then you may be interested to know how easy it is to invite Campaign Monitor to the party.

We consider ourselves very lucky to be the focus of a wide variety of integrations. The vast majority of these are developed and supported by app makers and keen customers, who see the value in leaving the email marketing side of things – from creating campaigns, to managing deliverability – to us. Since launching our API, we’ve listened to feedback from said devs on how we can make Campaign Monitor easier to work with and the ability to embed an account in a 3rd-party service has been a regular ask. We may have even heard it from you.

With our powers combined…

Off the bat this may sound a bit odd, but we reckon there are good reasons for making us part of your workflow. First of all, the app can be easily be rebranded as your own. You can even customize what’s on display – from the entire interface (like you were viewing an account in your browser), to an interface with just tabs, or no navigation elements at all. Secondly, you can remove the need to toggle between apps to get tasks done (or share data) – with single sign-on, users no longer have to login to both apps separately.

To see this in action now, look no further than the Salesforce for Campaign Monitor integration, which allows users to manage all their marketing via a single interface:

Salesforce for Campaign Monitor

All up, we think this is pretty exciting if you’re working on CRM software, a CMS plugin, or even a white-label agency portal for clients. When our clients are also your clients, making work between web apps as frictionless as possible is simply good sense.

So, how can I get started?

To embed our app into yours, what you’ll need first is an IntegratorID. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll run through the details.

With an IntegratorID in hand and a few extra details provided by us, you’ll be able to embed our application in an iFrame and use our session method to skip the login process for end-users. If you have any questions along the way, our devs are always available to lend a hand, plus there’s our API Developer forums for sharing notes and getting your pressing questions answered.

A big thanks to everyone who requested support for embedding Campaign Monitor into their own projects. We’re really hoping we’ve made this process as straightforward as possible, but if there’s something extra we can offer to make it easier to work with us, be sure to let us know, either by getting in touch or via the comments below.

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