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It’s no surprise that WordPress is an incredibly popular content management platform for companies to host their website or blog. But what’s more interesting is that now, one in four websites are powered by WordPress. So when we surveyed our own customers about the types of platforms they wanted to connect to, WordPress was at the top of the list.

Today we’re excited to debut Campaign Monitor for WordPress, a brand new plugin that allows our customers to easily add sign up forms to a WordPress site and bring new subscribers right into Campaign Monitor lists.

Create sign up forms that exactly match your website

Campaign Monitor for WordPress forms are built to automatically use the theme and styling of your WordPress site so they perfectly complement your design. Whether you’re bringing in new subscribers to your blog or signups from your website, your forms are guaranteed to look great.

Choose from 5 ways to display your signup forms

You can choose from 5 elegant ways of capturing subscribers to grow your list and include the exact fields you want to get the right data from your subscribers.

1. Slide out

Add a floating tab on the top, bottom or either side of your site to slide out a signup form that’s always accessible.

slide out signup form example

2. Lightbox

Overlay a signup form and dim your site in the background when a visitor comes to your site and customize how long it stays on for.

signup form overlay

3. Bar

Add a signup form in a thin bar at the top or bottom of your site for a subtle clean look.

signup form top navigation bar example

4. Button

Add a button to your site which pops up a lightbox signup form for a more traditional signup experience.

signup form subscribe now button

5. Embedded

Add a form right onto your site that blends right into the design of the page.

embedded signup form example

Measure and optimize your list growth

Since all website signups automatically feed into your Campaign Monitor lists, you can use our native reporting to see how different forms are performing on your WordPress site. You can also A/B test these forms to optimize and find out which layout is most effective for your audience.

Wrap up

Campaign Monitor for WordPress is now available as a WordPress plugin at no additional cost for Campaign Monitor and WordPress customers. Installation and setup is simple and only takes a few clicks. For more information on how to get started, check out our Help Center.

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