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Over the past few months, we’ve been focusing on how to make Campaign Monitor’s visual journey designer more powerful and effective for marketers. As part of this, we’ve released a simple way to copy journeys, helping users be far more efficient with their automation efforts.

How to copy journeys in Campaign Monitor

Copying a journey in Campaign Monitor is simple and takes just a few clicks but there are a few things to remember.

Three quick steps and you’re done

  1. Go to the Automation tab in Campaign Monitor to see a list of all your automated journeys. Hover over the one you’d like to copy and click on the copy (+) icon in the rightmost column.
    Campaign Monitor – Manage Automated Journeys
  2. Select the list you’d like to copy it to (you can also duplicate the journey onto the same list).
    Campaign Monitor – Copy Welcome Journey - Select Email List

    If you’re using the multi-client edition of Campaign Monitor, you can also copy a journey to a list within another client.

    Campaign Monitor – Copy Welcome Journey by Client
  3. Now your journey will copy over to the list you selected and you’ll receive a notification both in Campaign Monitor and your email when it’s all done. Depending on the number of email steps you have in your journey it could take a few minutes. Make sure your email address is up to date in your account settings so that you receive the alert when it is done. Remember to review your copied journey to make sure everything is set up correctly before you activate it.
     Campaign Monitor – Review Copied Journey – Welcome Email

Tips for managing your journeys

Though it’s a simple concept, this feature opens up a handful of useful ways to make managing your customer journeys a lot easier.

Triple check your data – Remember the custom fields, segments, and other data you have may vary across lists. It’s super important that you go through and check each condition to make sure it has the right data attached to it. Additionally, if you’re filtering on emails in your journeys, those won’t copy over, so make sure you add to any steps where required on the new journey.

Test out your journey beforehand – An easy way to test a journey before applying it to your list is to build it out and then copy the journey to a test list of subscribers. This is especially helpful for more advanced journeys to ensure all your conditions are set correctly.

Apply a journey to another list – If you’ve built a journey that you’d like to apply to a different list, no need to re-build it, you can copy the structure and content of the journey over to another list in just a few clicks.

A/B test your journey – If you’re looking to test two versions of your content or a variation in your journey structure, just split your list into two (or create two segments), copy your journey and tweak based on the variation to test, then apply each journey to your split lists or segments. Keep an eye on the time frame you’re testing and at the end, you’ll be able to see which led to more engagement.

Create journey templates – If you’re a marketer who’s helping multiple departments in your company or an agency managing email marketing for multiple clients, this feature can help you save time and standardize. You can create a handful of set journeys that you can copy over as journey templates where other marketers or clients can add their own content within the journey you’ve prescribed.

Wrap up

This easy to use update to the journey designer is now available for all customers today and is guaranteed to help you manage your journeys and be more efficient in your email marketing efforts.

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