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We’re excited to announce Campaign Monitor’s new App Store, an ecosystem of over 200 partner apps and integrations to augment functionality and connect to third party tools.


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Every modern marketer has a toolkit of marketing apps they use to reach a wider audience and contribute to their business. While email marketing software is one of those major tools, there are tons of apps and systems our customers want to connect with to turbo charge their email marketing.

Over 200 new apps and integrations

We want to help our customers connect their email marketing to all their other business apps like signup forms, landing pages, CRM, and e-commerce platforms. So we set out to bring our existing integrations built by our partners and developers together and focus on building our own integrations into apps like Shopify and WordPress.


App Store use case


Additionally, we want to give our customers a way to find out about new apps they can use to be more successful so we’re launching new App Store Collections by industries such as publishing and retail and also by use case.

New partner program

Another key part of our App Store is the new Certified Partner Program to work more closely with our partners whose apps work great with Campaign Monitor or developers who want to integrate with Campaign Monitor. This program allows us to direct partners and developers to resources and API documentation to build apps and integrations. It also enables us to ensure that the apps we feature are vetted, secure, and trusted. Additionally, it gives us an opportunity to explore more co-marketing opportunities to bring the best content to the wider marketing community.

Wrap up

Check out the new App Store today and browse through hundreds of apps and integrations to connect your third party apps to Campaign Monitor. And if you’re interested in building your own integration, get in touch with our Partnerships team and we’ll help you get started!

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