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For many growing B2C businesses, email marketing is a team effort. While team roles and responsibilities vary company to company, typically at least one person is responsible for the look and feel of the email (its design) and another individual is responsible for the words and the message (its content).

Often, there are upward of a dozen individuals involved in creating, sending, and tracking their company’s email marketing messages, so a top objective here at Campaign Monitor has always been enabling both the designers and content contributors to collaborate easily and successfully on email campaigns.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce Template Management for Teams – the ability for a template creator to lock sections within an email template before saving it in a library to be reused by content contributors. This functionality has consistently been a top feature request from our customer base, and we hope a major step forward for all of our customers with multiple individuals contributing to any given campaign.

Starting today, Campaign Monitor Premier plan customers can now access this feature. 

Templates for Teams

Promote brand consistency with lockable template sections

We’ve now given your designers the ability to promote brand consistency in all your campaigns. Before, our templates were completely editable and accessible to anyone who interacted with the template, regardless of their role or skill set. Now, design can build a template in our drag-and-drop builder, choosing from a variety of permission settings for each section within it; thus ensuring that everything from basic brand guidelines, like fonts and colors, to entire content sections, are not altered in any way. They can also designate some sections as totally “locked,” others with some “edit content only” privileges, and other sections as completely editable.

These security settings also extend to the header and footer of your email builder templates. For many companies, these two sections contain critical business information – like a privacy policy or company address – that pose a business risk if they’re altered or removed.

Send email designed for conversions

Control over your brand and vital business information is an important capability, but the value of this feature extends beyond that.  Now, you can maximize the ROI of each campaign by using email templates exactly as they were intended to be used; meaning they’re built for opens, clicks, and engagement – without compromising beautiful design or your brand guidelines.

Wrap up

Save valuable time and effort by allowing your designers to do what they do best – design high performing emails – and free up other team members to focus on creating awesome content that they can easily add to your on-brand design. Campaign Monitor Premier plan customers can now access this feature. 

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