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Along with dropping all our monthly prices today, we have another exciting update to share. Sitting alongside our basic monthly plan is the all new Unlimited plan, which allows you to send an unlimited number of emails every month for a fixed, low price. It’s perfect for anyone that sends a lot of email.

No send limit

Unlimited everything from just $29/month

On top of regular campaigns, the plan also includes unlimited autoresponders, RSS to email, A/B testing and one-off emails triggered via the API. Whether you send 10,000 emails in a month or 10 million, you’ll still pay the same low price.

For those with smaller lists, our prices start at just $29/month. If you have more than 50,000 subscribers, check out our high volume prices for the Unlimited plan. If you’re a daily or very frequent sender, the unlimited plan offers better value for money than anything we’ve ever offered before.

Free design and spam testing

As an added bonus, our Unlimited plan also gives you access to free and unlimited inbox previews and spam testing. Normally $5 each, unlimited customers can now run as many tests as they need to get their designs pixel perfect without spending a cent extra. Each test shows exactly how your email design looks in more than 20 email clients and runs your email through popular spam filters to flag any potential problems before you send.

Easy to switch

To compliment our lower monthly prices and the arrival of the Unlimited plan, we’ve also redesigned the billing settings in your account. Just head into “Client Settings” and then click on “Change Billing details” to switch to the Unlimited plan with a single click.

Easy to switch to unlimited pricing

Easy to resell

For our resellers out there, we’ve also made it very easy to offer the Unlimited plan to any of your clients. Just like our basic monthly plan, you can also mark the prices up and automatically earn a profit every month.

Markup the unlimited plan

We’ve been trialling the unlimited plan with a number of bigger customers since the start of the year, and it’s been very popular with our frequent senders. No more hitting send limits or getting bumped up to a higher tier for the month. Just one low price no matter how much you send. We’re really excited to see how it’s received now that it’s available to everyone.

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