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We just pushed a nice little update live to give you more flexibility when removing subscribers from your list.

Previously, when you wanted to remove a subscriber, the only option was to unsubscribe them from that list. Whenever someone is unsubscribed from your list, we also add them to your client-wide suppression list by default. This is a nice safety measure to ensure that subscriber is never accidentally imported into another list again and sent to.

In most cases, this is just how you want the remove subscriber feature to work. We’ve since discovered many of you using our subscriber lists in unique ways where you need a little more flexibility.

For example, let’s say you divide your subscribers between a list of members and a list of non-members. When a non-member decides to join your organization, you need to move them across to your members list. On the flip-side, some people let their membership lapse and should be move in the opposite direction. Previously you’d need to unsubscribe them from one list, remove them from the suppression list and re-add them to the members list.

This new update makes this problem a thing of the past. Whenever you’re removing one or one thousand subscribers from a list, you now have the option of just deleting them from that list, instead of unsubscribing them (highlighted in yellow below). Now you can add them straight into the other list without the suppression list messing with you.


In the example I gave above, you could also use our custom fields and segments feature to work around this problem. Just set up a custom field to indicate if they are a member or non-member and then update that custom fields by re-importing any subscribers with the new membership value.

In our experience, it can often make more sense for some customers to keep separate lists, so now you have the option of easily moving members around no matter how you approach your list management.

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