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Last week, we mentioned a few recent updates to Campaign Monitor that we’ve been quietly releasing. We’re pleased to already have one more to add to the list: by popular request, you can now filter entries by client and time period in the ‘Billing’ section of your account.

We also figured it was a great time to look into how you can streamline the entire billing process between Campaign Monitor and your accounting software. But first of all, let’s take a look at what’s been added to your account.

New billing filters

If you or your clients send regularly, viewing email credit usage and/or monthly charges by client can be very helpful. Alternately, the ability to count up how many email credits you’ve used in the last month, year, or within a date range can simplify your record keeping. So we’ve added two drop-down menus in the ‘Billing’ section of the app, to allow you to do just this:

Billing filters, now in all accounts

In addition to filtering entries, you can also now export them to a .csv file to get a record of all charges a client has incurred in the last year. This is good news for both you and your accountant when it’s time to balance the books.

Take control of invoicing with imera

The ability to filter and export charges is helpful, but needing to manually enter those details into your accounting software can be tedious. You can bypass that process by automatically syncing the clients in your Campaign Monitor account with your billing platform using imera. Created specifically for designers and agencies, imera makes it possible to generate invoices in Freshbooks, Xero or Harvest immediately after a campaign is sent or an email marketing project (such as one including template design and copy) has been completed. imera also conveniently lets you set up default campaign and delivery fees (including any markup on prices) per client.

Thank you to everyone who suggested improvements to the ‘Billing’ section of accounts – especially our agency friends, who regularly juggle multiple clients and a combo of billing scenarios. Managing billing is rarely a fun task, so we welcome ideas on how we can make things easier. If you have any other suggestions for improving billing, comment below.

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