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We’re excited to announce a new design for our campaign creation workflow. We’ve made it easier than ever to see what step you’re at, what you’re sending, who you’re sending to and when your campaign will go out.

A redesigned Step 1

The Create & Send section – the part of Campaign Monitor where you set up a campaign, select your recipients, test your email and schedule delivery – is one of the most important parts of our product.

As the heart of Campaign Monitor, the Create & Send pages do a great job of helping our users create amazing email campaigns. But as we added more and more features over time, we started worrying about overcrowding our original design. For example, when we added the option to personalize subject lines in the “Define the Campaign and Sender” screen, it was squeezed in on the far right in tiny font, while the subject line stayed on the left.

To make sure Campaign Monitor stayed as user-friendly as ever, we gave the whole workflow a new, cleaner look and feel – and also spent some time improving the usability of things like subject line personalization by making the feature in line with where you write your subject line:

Personalize your campaign

We also wanted to make sure users knew where they were in the workflow at any given point, so we made the status bar more prominent. At any time, you’ll see what steps are left and all the options available to you at each stage.

See your progress

We’ve also made use of icons in the new design to help make navigation easier than ever before, particularly for things like our A/B testing feature or RSS-to-email option:

Breeze through using our tabbed navigation

Overall, we’re proud and excited to share this change to the campaign creation process with you — and we look forward to your feedback in the comments below!

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