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We’ve updated the subscriber snapshot pages in your account. View the details.

We’ve just launched a super useful new report that I think you’re going to love. Our campaign reports already provide you with a great overview of the results of your campaigns – opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc, etc. But sometimes you need to zoom down past these general results and have a closer look at exactly how one particular subscriber is interacting with your email campaigns.

Our new subscriber snapshot makes this easy by bringing your entire history with each subscriber into a single page. Here’s how it looks…

The all new subscriber snapshot

As you can see, the snapshot provides a simple timeline of every interaction this subscriber has had with your emails. Quickly see precisely when they opened your emails, clicked on a specific link, forwarded the email to a friend or even unsubscribed. This data is especially useful for those sending targeted emails to a smaller list or segment of subscribers where you’re interested in the precise response from each recipient.

We also provide totals such as emails sent, percentage opened and number of clicks so you can quickly gauge how interested this subscribers really is. On top of all this useful data, click the “Edit Subscriber” button and you can instantly update any of the data you have stored on this subscriber, including their custom field values.

Not only is the snapshot available from any of your campaign reports, such as Recipient Activity or Opens Over Time, you can also access it at any time under Manage Subscribers. This is especially handy as you can quickly search your list for that subscriber and in an instant see your entire history with them. We think this is a really useful addition, and we hope you feel the same. Finally, big props go to Dan Bowden, our switched on intern that was the brains behind this new report. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear it.

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