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Feel like you’ve got better things to do when importing email addresses into the app? We know the feeling. So just recently, we overhauled the process of adding new subscribers to lists and campaigns, so it’s now quicker, easier and a lot less fussy than before.

The all new import report

Given that adding new subscribers to a list is a fairly fundamental part of everyone’s workflow, it was really time for us to step our game up. For starters, one of the top requests we received from customers was to be more specific about why individual subscribers weren’t imported into a list – either because they’re invalid, in duplicate, already exist, or have been previously suppressed. So, we’ve introduced import reports, which allow you to download the email addresses that couldn’t be imported, alongside the reasons why. It sure beats being left guessing and may really come in handy when cleaning and consolidating your lists.

Import report

Drag and drop, or copy and paste

While the new import reports are kind of a big deal, what will probably be most apparent when you next add subscribers is our new import screen, which allows you to not only drag-and-drop files, but copy-and-paste new names, email addresses and now, custom field values.

New Add new subscribers process

We didn’t want to stop short on the files thing, so now, it’s possible to upload both Excel (.xls and .xlsx) documents and compressed files (.zip, .rar, .7z and more). In fact, a zipped file is typically about 90% smaller than an uncompressed version, so uploading just got much faster too.

See your progress

While we’re on the topic of large imports, one aspect of this task that previously caused confusion was whether or not things were going to plan when subscribers were being imported. So, we’ve now added progress bars to both the upload and processing stages, so you can make sure your import is ticking along. We’ve made lots of changes under the hood so now you can import much larger lists. Once you see the ‘Processing your subscribers…’ screen, you can even queue up another import, or even close your browser – behind the scenes, importing will continue without you having to stay focused on it.


During the ‘Processing…’ stage, you can also watch as new subscribers get added on the list details page. Especially with big lists, it’s always reassuring to know that the task is getting done.

Now good with names

Finally, we found that issues were commonly arising when subscriber names in a file were split across two columns. Previously, as the app required a single name column, the only choice folks had was to to jump into Excel and combine names manually. This not only took a bit of effort, but spreadsheet know-how as well.

Now, when the app sees two name fields, it will give you the option of mapping them to the default ‘First name’ and ‘Last name’ fields and we’ll combine them for you behind the scenes. It’s a small time saver that we hope you find to be useful.

Automatically match names

Updated create/send workflow

If you’re sending a campaign to a new group of subscribers, you no longer need to import them first before working on your campaign. We’ve moved all of these nice improvements right into the create/send workflow so you can import them without ever jumping out of that process.

We pushed these updates a couple of hours back, so they’re available and ready to use in your account. As always, we’re keen to find out how we can make tasks like this better for both you and your clients, so leave us a comment or get in touch if there’s a little something we could be doing better.

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