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The release of team management mid-last year was kind of a big deal. It was one of our most requested features, and the fact that more than 700,000 accounts have been created shows how well it’s been received. Since it’s release, there’s been one request in particular we’ve been hearing a lot. Today I’m happy to share that it’s been knocked off the list and is live in your account.

A quick recap

If you missed it, our team management update made it so you could add an unlimited number of people under each client, all with different levels of permission. You can also create an unlimited number of administrators, too. Here’s how it looks:

Add an unlimited number of people to each client

Team management makes it easy to add multiple people to each client

The one big limitation of this new feature was that each person you added under a client had to be unique. So, if you added Ron Burgundy to the Eyewitness News client, you couldn’t add him to the Evening News client as well (although, that would come with it’s own set of problems).

This made it tricky when someone needed to access multiple clients, but couldn’t make them an administrator because they’d have access to all clients, plus billing and other sensitive information.

One person, many clients

As of today, you can now add the same person to as many clients as you need. Just follow the same workflow you always have, and be sure to use the same email address each time you add them. You can even give them different permissions for different clients if you need to be that granular.

Now, whenever that person logs in, they will have access to the switch-between-clients tool that an administrator sees. The only difference here is that it will only include the clients they have been given access to. Here’s how that looks:

Client switcher

The client switcher is now available for people with access to multiple clients

So, no process changes or additional complexity. Just follow the same steps you always have when adding a person to a client, and we’ll do the rest.

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