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We’ve completely reworked the pages your subscribers see when they forward on your email campaigns, or change their preferences. Now, they look just as elegant as your newsletters do, on any device.

The finishing touches have been applied to our new-look Preference Center and Forward to a Friend pages, ready to view via both new and existing email campaigns. If you’ve previously customized these pages, you’ll find your logos and branding have been seamlessly carried over – you don’t have to do anything in your account. But that’s not all you can expect from this complete redesign.

A more friendly Forward to a Friend page

If you remember how this page used to look, you may agree that it was high time it got an update. To double the good news, we didn’t do things half-heartedly. After looking at how this page was being used, it was clear that most people forwarded campaigns to a single person only. So we compressed the form down to one recipient (with the option of adding up to another five), making the form much quicker to fill in and far less daunting. There’s also an image of your newsletter, as a nice reminder of what the subscriber is passing on to their friends:

Updated Forward to a Friend page

As part of this overall simplification, some of the more fiddly customization like the font or button colour are no longer available when customizing this page in your account. However, you can you can change the page background colour and add your own logo as before.

A Preference Center that you’ll prefer

Like the Forward to a Friend page, we’ve cleaned up the Preference Center, to ensure the form is more intuitive to use and less error-prone. Your logo and colors can still be added to make this tidy design really yours:

Updated Preference Center

Made for mobile screens

Forward to a Friend on mobile screensIt’s no secret that an increasing number of people are reading – and sharing – email campaigns on their mobile devices. So as part of this update, we’ve also optimized both the Preference Center and Forward to a Friend pages for mobile devices. Here’s the same Forward to a Friend page as the one we showed earlier, now tightened up and slimmed down for small screens (click to see a larger version). With luck, you’ll see an uptick in shares as a result!

You’ll see these changes now when you view your email campaigns, or visit the ‘Client Settings’ tab in your account. A huge thanks to everyone who nudged us gently for a refresh – as always, we’d love to hear what you think of these pages’ new look.

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