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It’s Like That

A big one for you Facebook lovers. Now you can set exactly what page you’d…

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Easily Share Your Design and Spam Test Results

Now you can share the results from any design and spam tests with anyone you…

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Custom Domains for Social Sharing

Today we launched support for custom domains to our new and popular social sharing feature.

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Make Syncing Easy with Webhooks

Today we launched a very handy new feature making it easy to keep your Campaign…

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Introducing Social Sharing

Our new Social Sharing feature makes it easy to share your campaigns on Twitter and…

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Preventing Accidental Unsubscribes

This week we made a simple but important change to the way unsubscribes are handled…

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A Better Email Experience for Your Gmail Subscribers

A security update by the Gmail team earlier this year meant that many of your…

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A New ColdFusion Library for Our API

Campaign Monitor CFC, a ColdFusion library by Jonathon Joyce has just been released, making it…

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Autoresponders Are Here!

Today I’m happy to announce that our brand new autoresponders feature is available for all…

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Send Reminders or Date-Targeted Email with New Date Custom Fields

By popular demand, you can now include dates in your custom fields. Using the new…

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Populate Your Custom Fields with Wufoo’s Form Field Matching

If you use Wufoo or read their blog, you probably know that they’re a team…

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