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You Can Now Search for a Subscriber across All Your Lists

If you’ve been flicking through your subscriber lists recently, you may have noticed that you…

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Automatically Add Country and US State Fields to Your Subscribe Forms

Alongside our ambitious design and spam testing update, we’ve made a handy improvement to subscriber…

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Design and Spam Testing Gets a Huge Overhaul

Hot on the heels of our recent update to the app, we’re pleased to unveil…

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We’ve Removed the Gray ‘Replace’ Image from the Template Editor

A few months ago, we made a change to the template editor. The result was…

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View Your Email on the iPhone with Our New Mobile Design Tests!

We’ve just added a handful of new mobile email clients to our design and spam…

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Better Insight into Click Activity with Our New Overlay Report

We’ve just given your campaign reports a little more jazz by including an overlay view,…

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Your Subscriber Lists Can Now Have up to 50 Custom Fields

If you’ve been poking around your subscriber lists lately, you may have noticed that there…

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We’ve Added Webmail Testing in Firefox to Our Design Tests

We’re pleased to announce that our design and spam tests now offer webmail screenshots within…

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iPad Detection Now Available in Your Email Client Reports

Today we updated your email client usage reports to show how many subscribers are opening…

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Getting Ready for Outlook 2010

With the official release date of Outlook 2010 fast approaching, we take a closer look…

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Email Authentication Just Got Easier

Today we made some nice improvements to the process of setting up a new authenticated…

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