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New Look for Generic Landing Pages

We recently made some design tweaks to the generic confirmation and alert pages you and…

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Campaign Monitor for Your Mobile

Today we launched a new mobile optimized version of Campaign Monitor giving you and your…

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Big Improvements to the Campaign Import Process

Today we pushed some nice improvements to the campaign importing process to cut down the…

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Streamline Your Forms Using Wufoo Integration with Campaign Monitor

In a marriage made in information heaven, Wufoo has announced integration with Campaign Monitor, meaning…

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Updates to the Email Template Editor

The WYSIWYG email template editor has had an update – we’ve added new menu items…

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Default Images in Email Templates

For those creating email templates for use in Campaign Monitor, the wait is over –…

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Our Support Team: Live, from a Location near You

Here at Campaign Monitor, we’ve put the robots out of business. So when you contact…

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New API Method for User Authentication

If you’ve ever played around with a service, plugin or app that requires an API…

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Taking the Surprises out of the Campaign Approval Process

Have you, or your clients been importing email addresses into your subscriber lists in Campaign…

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A Better Approach to Spam Complaints for You and Your Clients

After some very insightful discussion with our community, we’ve made some improvements to our spam…

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Shopify App for Campaign Monitor

Lucid Design, a New Zealand-based graphic design and web development studio, has just released its…

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