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Shopify App for Campaign Monitor

Lucid Design, a New Zealand-based graphic design and web development studio, has just released its…

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Keep the Tax Man Happy with Detailed Invoices

Felt that your invoices were lacking important information? You can now add additional details like…

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Set and Profit: Clients Can Now Purchase Their Own Email Credits

If you have clients sending their own campaigns via your Campaign Monitor account, they will…

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Guestlist Synchronization with Campaign Monitor

Guestlist, an online service for managing event ticket sales and registration, has recently announced integration…

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Huge Speed Improvements to Campaign Monitor

If you’ve logged in recently, you might have noticed everything feels much faster. Almost, say,…

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Interface Tweaks to the Create and Send Process

As part of our A/B testing update, we also made some subtle interface changes to…

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A/B Testing Is Now Available

It’s been a long time coming, but today I’m excited to announce that our new…

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Some Nice Updates to Our Joomla and Drupal Extensions

Our popular extensions for Drupal and Joomla have recently been updated with some cool new…

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Required Account Password Changes Starting Today

We’ll be requiring all accounts to change their passwords from today as part of our…

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Gmail to Offer Built-In Unsubscribing

Google have just announced a new Gmail feature making it easy for your recipients to…

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Easily Email Your Contacts with TactileCRM Integration

Tactile CRM have just announced a very cool new integration with Campaign Monitor making it…

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