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New API Method: Delete a Campaign

You can now delete campaigns directly via the API, useful if you send a few…

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Campaign Images Now Served from 15 Key Locations Worldwide

From today, all images in your campaign content are served from a global Content Delivery…

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More Flexibility When Removing Subscribers from Your Lists

This handy update to our remove subscribers feature makes it easy to remove a subscriber…

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A/B Testing for the Rest of Us

In the next month or so we’ll be launching an exciting new feature for Campaign…

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Campaign Importing Just Got Smarter

We’ve just pushed a handy update to campaign importing that means you’ll never have a…

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Subscribing to Multiple Lists Now Includes Custom Fields

A small update to how subscribe forms work means your recipients can now subscribe to…

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Let Your Clients Manage Their Own Payment Details

We’ve made another nice update to the client billing functionality this week. You and your…

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Billing Update: Allocate Email Credits to Specific Clients

This new billing update lets you allocate a certain number of email credits to specific…

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Huge Design and Spam Test Update

Our design and spam testing tool just got a whole lot more reliable. We’ve now…

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Updated Python Class for the API

Campaign Monitor customer Grant Young has just released an update to his popular Python class…

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New Joomla Modules Available

Develop web sites using Joomla? Grab this sweet new module that makes it easy to…

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