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It’s been just over a month since we announced RSS to Email support in Campaign Monitor. The response since then has been crazy positive, with more than 125,000 RSS campaigns already delivered and some stunning custom RSS template designs starting to surface (we’ll feature some of these here soon).

The one catch when we launched last month was that RSS to Email was only available for customers on monthly plans. It was pretty clear from the day we launched that our PAYG customers were keen to get in on some RSS action too, and so we immediately started working on making the feature available to everyone. Today I’m happy to announce that RSS to Email is now available for our PAYG customers too.

Making sure your subscribers don’t miss out

Like any complex feature, there are always lots of small gotchas we need to be aware of when it comes to billing. For example, what happens if we try and send today’s recurring RSS campaign for you, but you got a little carried away with your Apple obsession and the funds aren’t available on your credit card? There are lots of reasons a charge might not be approved, but we wanted to give you a quick way to resolve these issues without forcing your subscribers to miss out on your daily goodness.

So, if a payment fails for some reason when sending a recurring RSS campaign for PAYG customers, we’ll let you know immediately and give you a grace period to get to the bottom of it. We’ll send you an email explaining exactly what happened, and if you manage to get that issue resolved within a time period (2 hours for daily, 4 for weekly and 12 for monthly), we’ll automatically send the email for you.

If for some reason you can’t get it sorted in the grace period, the next campaign we send will include any new content, plus the older content your subscribers would have missed because of the failed charge. There are lots of other contingencies our engineering and QA team feverishly tracked down (they really are awesome) – rest assured we’ll do our best to handle things in an elegant manner.

A quick refresher

If you happened to miss the full announcement last month, here’s a quick demo video to give you an overview of what all the fuss is about…

This update is the perfect example of just how much we rely on your feedback to drive where we take Campaign Monitor. Feedback via blog comments, tweets and personal emails started rolling in as soon as we launched RSS support, which made it very easy to prioritise and get it out the door as quickly as possible. We’re always listening, so please, keep it coming.

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