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We’ve been working hard at making it easier to grow and learn more about your audience. Following the recent release of Enlist and Subscriber Notifications, we’d like to introduce the Subscribe Button. The easiest way to add an elegant, unobtrusive subscribe form to any page on your site.

The Subscribe ButtonA Subscribe Button with optional subscriber count

We developed the Subscribe Button with a particular purpose in mind. Forms can be clunky things. They take up a lot of space on the page and can often be tricky to get looking great in all browsers. The Subscribe Button replaces that complexity with a simple, customizable button you can drop anywhere. It’s especially perfect for your sidebar, footer or any page with limited screen real-estate.

Just copy and paste the code anywhere you like, and once it’s pressed a simple subscribe form instantly appears. <!– Here’s a quick demo you can check out showing it in action. –>

The subscribe formAn example of the customizable form that loads as soon as the button is pressed

Customize the button

We’ve put a lot of care into the polish of these buttons, which are available in two colors and sizes. You can use your own button text, and also choose to show or hide the number of subscribers in that list. Just like the number of Twitter followers or Facebook Likes, this is a nice way to promote the size of your list and encourage others to join.

Customize the button

Tweak the form to suit

We’ve also given you lots of control over the subscribe form. You can choose which fields you’d like to show, and in what order. We’ve also added the ability to set some fields as required, and you can add your own title and introduction at the top of the form to provide more context. If that’s not necessary, simply delete it and the design of the form will automatically adjust to suit.

Edit the modal

Available now

The Subscribe Button launched a few moments ago, and is now live in all accounts. You’ll find it under a simplified sidebar for each subscriber list in your account. Just click on Grow your audience option to get started.

We’re not done on the subscriber focus just yet. I’m also very excited to announce a private label version of Enlist is now under review at Apple, and we’ve also added lots of new features to both it and Enlist based on your feedback. We’ve also got some other ideas on ways to make it easier to attract more subscribers that I’ll be sharing very soon.

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