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We’ve taken one of the most essential features in our app and rebuilt it from the ground up, to help you send more targeted email campaigns. Today, we’re introducing a whole new segment builder and new segment rules, so you can focus on delivering relevant messages to your subscribers – and rely on us for the rest.

While it’s said that good things take time, for many of our customers, an update to how we handle segments likely feels like it’s a while overdue. Admittedly, this is one part of the app that’s needed a bit of work – and thus, like Orange Juice, we decided to rip it up and start again.

If you’re not using segments yet to specifically send to, or exclude, groups of subscribers in your lists based on criteria you set, then we’ve got a great guide to help you get started. Otherwise, read on to find out how you can now use segments to send campaigns specially tailored to your subscribers’ preferences, job titles and more.

The new segment builder

If you regularly use segments, jump into your account – the first thing you’ll likely notice is that we’ve updated our workflow so you can now name a segment, create rules and save in one step. You can also change a segment’s name on the fly, too.

Creating a new segment

Once elbows-deep in creating a segment, you can preview and export subscribers, without having to leave the segment builder. Hopefully, this will make it a touch easier for you to ensure you’re targeting the right people… Or excluding the right people, as the case may be.

Previewing subscribers in a segment

Introducing OR statements

We’ve received a fair few requests for OR logic between rules, especially given that the workaround – creating multiple segments – could hardly be called an efficient process. Now, let’s say you want to target subscribers with the job title, “Manager” OR “Assistant manager”. Too easy – just add an OR. Multiple custom fields can be used with OR statements, so you can include both say, Job title and Location as criteria in a single segment.

By mixing and matching AND statements with the new OR statements, you can do sophisticated things like send a targeted campaign to subscribers who have one of several job titles OR are based at a head office AND are located in New York.

Using AND & mixed OR statements together

Better, faster segment building

Behind the glossy new look, our segments have been reworked for both speed and stability. For starters, you’ll find that the number of subscribers in a segment is calculated automatically throughout the app. Building relatively large or complex segments has also been taken into consideration, so hopefully our power-users will experience vastly reduced wait times when working with their lists.

What will happen to my segments?

The great news is that it’s business as usual. We’ve migrated all segments to the new builder, so they can be edited and used in both current and future campaign sends.

Finally, we’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone who let us know what they needed to send better targeted and more relevant campaigns – hopefully, we’ve delivered on many a wish list out there. That said, while we’ve been pouring a lot of energy into making this update a truly valuable one, we’re far from being done yet. So, if there’s something you would like to see us add or improve on, get in touch – we may have some good news for you shortly.

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