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When sending localized email newsletters, the details do matter. So in a recent update, we made it possible to select the language of Forward to a Friend and Preference Center pages by updating the template tags in your campaigns.

Giving designers the option to set the language of default pages from within campaigns has been a big item on our wishlist. Previously, these language preferences applied to client accounts overall, which meant that folks would commonly create a client account for each language they wished to send in. For our European friends especially (who often send in 2 or more languages), this was awkward enough. Then when team management arrived, it became evident that there had to be a better way to manage multilingual campaigns.

One account, many languages

As of now, it’s possible to link to Forward to a Friend and Preference Center pages, translated into one of 30 languages. You can select a language by adding the new lang attribute and a language code to your regular template tags. For example, to link to a Forward to a Friend page in Spanish (es-MX) in your HTML email code, you would use:

<forwardtoafriend lang="es-MX">...</forwardtoafriend>

If you don’t add a language code to a tag, the resulting page will default to the language you have set for that client in ‘Client Settings’. What’s more, it’s incorporated into the template builder, so if you pick ‘Spanish’ when creating a template, then the resulting Forward to a Friend and Preference Center links will point to the Spanish version of those pages. For more examples and usage notes, visit our docs:

View the language codes and updated template tags

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone who requested localized pages, made suggestions or most notably, contributed a translation – we really couldn’t have done it without you. If you would like to suggest an additional language or improvement to these pages, feel free to pop us a note below. Otherwise… ¡Vaya! Enviar los e-mails (send those emails)!

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