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Our new Social Sharing feature went live yesterday, making it super easy for you to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook and then see a report of the results. Before I dive into the details, here’s a preview of the new Social Sharing report. You can click it for a full-size version.

Click to view the full-size version

We’ve been thinking long and hard about the best way to add this kind of social integration into Campaign Monitor. As always, our goal was to keep the sharing process as simple as possible for you and your subscribers. Here’s how it works.

In-email sharing made easy

The easiest way for your subscribers to share your email is by adding a “Tweet” or “Like” button to your campaign. Then with a couple of clicks any subscriber can share your email with their friends or followers. To do this, we’ve introduced two new tags that you can easily add to your existing designs.

Add a “Like” button to your campaign

Just add the following tag anywhere in your email design and we’ll instantly turn that into a working Facebook “Like” button.

<fblike></fblike>  turns into  {title}

When your subscriber clicks on this button in their email, we’ll load the following lightbox where they can “Like” your campaign and see which of their friends have also liked it. Here’s an example of this in action:


If you don’t want to use the standard “Like” button, just add your own text or image between the tag and we’ll turn that word or image into a link that, when clicked, loads the lightbox like the one above.

Add a tweet button to your campaign

Let your subscribers tweet about your campaigns using the new tag below.

<tweet></tweet>  turns into  {title}

If your subscriber is a Twitter user, clicking that button takes them straight to a compose window with the tweet pre-populated with your campaign subject and a shortened URL linking to the web version. Here’s how that one looks:


Just like the Facebook Like tag, you can add your own text or images between the <tweet></tweet> tags and that will be used instead of the default tweet button, giving you complete design flexibility.

Sharing made simple for your clients

If you’ve built templates for clients, you can easily add permanent “Like” and “Tweet” buttons to them that work for every email they send. We’ve also made it simple for clients to add their own share links to any campaigns they send using the editor.


Get the word out from within Campaign Monitor

Our new social tags aren’t the only way to get the word out about your latest campaign. You can also share them yourselves right from Campaign Monitor. The report for every email you’ve ever sent now includes a new “Share” button in the top right corner. Here’s how it looks:


Clicking the “Share button” will open the modal popup below, where you can share on Twitter or Facebook with a single click:


Whenever that URL is mentioned on Twitter or “Liked” on Facebook, we’ll track the results for you. You and your subscribers can share your campaign any way you like and we’ll handle the rest.

Real-time reporting to bring it all together

While there are lots of different ways to share your campaign, we bring it all together with the new Social Sharing report. This includes who tweeted about your campaign, who liked it on Facebook and who forwarded your email on to friends. Basically, whenever anyone shares your campaign, we’ll show you who it was and how they did it.

The report is broken up into two parts. Up top we’ve got a summary of the activity so far across Twitter, Facebook and email forwards.


Below that is a real-time list that pulls all of this together into a single activity stream. See what people are saying about your campaign on Twitter, who’s sharing on Facebook and which subscribers have forwarded it to their friends.


For each subscriber that tweets, we’ll show you their Twitter avatar and a link to the tweet in question. We also link to the subscriber snapshot and display a gravatar if available for anyone who “Likes” your campaign or forwards it on to friends.

There are loads of other subtle features in this report, but I’ll leave some of them for you to discover once you start sharing. We hope you guys have fun with this new feature. It’s a brilliant way to learn more about who is sharing your campaigns with the world, and what they’re saying about you in the process.

Update: Custom domain support now available

A big thanks to everyone for all the passionate and overwhelmingly positive comments about this new feature. You’ll be pleased to know we now support custom domains for all social sharing, and have more exciting updates to social sharing rolling out shortly.

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