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Our brand new suppression list feature was rolled out a few hours ago. All went very smoothly and you can check them out under your Manage Subscribers tab. You’ll notice that each client-wide suppression list is populated with all the unsubscribes from any previous lists in that client’s account. This ensures that moving forward anyone who previously unsubscribed cannot be added to any new subscriber lists.

Quick Tip: Scrubbing your lists against the suppression list

While we’ve populated your suppression list with any previous unsubscribes, we haven’t scrubbed all of your lists against it. If you’d like to scrub any of your subscriber lists against the suppression list, here’s a quick tip. Head into the “Unsubscribe Options” for that list and you’ll notice a new section where you can adjust how it integrates with the suppression list.

New unsubscribe options

If you turn suppression list integration off by selecting “Only unsubscribe them from this list”, save your settings and then turn it back on again, you’ll be given some additional options. The second of these options allows you to scrub all your “Active” subscribers against the suppression list. Here’s a quick screenshot of how this looks:

Additional suppresion list options

By ticking that checkbox, we’ll automatically scrub your list and remove anyone who has ever unsubscribed from any lists for that client. We hope you enjoy the new feature, we think it’s a great addition and plan on adding it to MailBuild real soon too.

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