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Another month has swung around and with it have come some interesting changes to our API. Yes, we’ve added yet another handy new method, updated a couple of existing ones and given the Perl wrapper a real overhaul. Keeping busy, we are!

Transfer credits to and from clients

For resellers that use our API to automate client management tasks, the ability to transfer email credits should come in fairly handy. For example, you can now allocate email credits to clients, say, as a welcome gift upon signup or as a bonus. Plus, now that we’ve added email credit totals to the existing methods for getting a client’s details and your billing details, it’s also possible to keep an eye on credits consumed, or automatically top up a client’s credits with your own when they start running low.

On that note, you can also use the transfer email credits method to set whether or not a client account can start using your credits or payment details when they run out of credits altogether. Hopefully these more flexible billing options will come in useful for folks taking advantage of PAYG pricing for themselves or their clients.

Finding the from and reply-to email addresses, text-version URL

So, we’ve has a few requests to beef up the information returned when getting drafts, plus scheduled and sent campaigns. So, we’ve added details like From name, From email address, Reply-to email address and a link to the plain-text version to the mix. So now, you can grab URLs to both the HTML and text versions of a campaign, say, for accessibility purposes.

The Perl wrapper gets a refresh

Finally, we’ve brought our Perl wrapper up with the times, so it supports all of our API’s current functionality. It now lives in our collection of official API wrappers, which we diligently update whenever new methods like the transfer credits one come along.

A huge thanks to everyone who suggested these updates to our API – we hope that we’ve made things a little easier for you and your clients.

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