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In a marriage made in information heaven, Wufoo has announced integration with Campaign Monitor, meaning that you can now synchronize names and email addresses collected from your forms to an existing Campaign Monitor subscriber list. Additionally, it is possible to receive real-time notifications regarding your Wufoo forms from up to 9 additional services, including your mobile device.

Setting up Campaign Monitor integration with Wufoo is dead easy – simply build a form, edit your Notification Settings and select Campaign Monitor from their application list. Once you provide your Campaign Monitor API key, you’re on the road. Take a look at Wufoo’s screencast to see this in action.

Using Wufoo’s stunning form builder, you can build bespoke surveys, sign-up forms, to-do lists, product order forms, online petitions and more. These forms can be embedded into existing pages, or hosted. Wufoo also features secure payment integration, not to mention a swag of gorgeous reports to help you visualize your collected information. With notifications, you can be kept up-to-date with details regarding form completions, plus sync these details to a number of services including Campaign Monitor.

By integrating with Campaign Monitor, Wufoo has streamlined the collection of information via their forms by allowing you to automatically sync names and email addresses to an existing subscriber list. You can then send your registrants email messages such as reminders, offers and newsletters, all with Campaign Monitor’s renowned email design, delivery and reporting functionality. Please note that contact details can only be transferred from the point at which you set up this integration; existing details in Wufoo will not be synced to Campaign Monitor.

Wufoo offers a number of pricing plans to suit your requirements. Take a look at their feature tour, or try them out for free.

More information is to come in the next few days regarding Wufoo’s updated Notification Settings, so take a look at their announcement and latest integration blog post.

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