Subscribe form showdown: Do sliders, lightboxes or tabs work best?

When collecting email addresses on a site, there’s a fine line between being proactive and being pushy. We asked three subscribe form experts for their opinions on why their solution of choice works for site visitors, to help you decide for yourself.

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Gmail’s message to email marketers: Focus on engagement

Want to avoid delivery issues with Gmail? In our discussion with Gmail’s Anti-Spam Team, we got an insider view on the strategies this popular webmail client uses to prevent email abuse, as well as what you can do to keep getting your campaigns delivered to the inbox.

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How big should an effective A/B email test be?

Ever wondered how large your Version A / Version B sample sizes should be? And, can A/B test duration have an impact on the outcome? We explain how to improve your methodology when running tests on subject line, content, or from details, in a way that can be understood by regular senders, not just statisticians.

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Yahoo! Mail bounces itself, or why using a webmail address is a bad idea

Yahoo has started bouncing email sent with one of their domains listed in the header, yet really originating from third-party server. So, we decided it was a good time to review why using a webmail service in your campaign and sender details is a deliverability no-no, as well as some tactics you should use to get into the inbox.

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Creative burnout: How do you keep it at bay?

Keeping the good ideas ideas rolling in, day after day, can be hard as it is. Then there’s creative burnout. After experiencing it personally, I turned to both other creatives and the Campaign Monitor team for advice - here’s what I learned, and how you can stop it from stopping you.

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Gmail’s unsubscribe links provide an alternative to getting marked as spam

We’ve been working with Gmail to ensure that subscribers find it easier to unsubscribe from newsletters, then mark them as spam. Read on to find out what you’ll see in Gmail’s browser-based email client, as they gradually roll out new unsubscribe links in both the inbox and in the header of email messages.

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Jamie Dihiansan, on Basecamp, email and being a design all-rounder

Without a doubt, Basecamp get a lot done. In this interview with their designer, Jamie Dihiansan, we found out how he tackles email campaigns for their products and what designers should focus on in order to be as versatile as possible.

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How Gmail’s image update will affect reports

Concerned about the recent changes to how Gmail serves and display images will impact email senders like yourself? Here’s an overview of what’s happening at Gmail and how subscriber tracking will be affected.

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Kicking off the email season

Inboxes are crowded at this time of year - so, what can we be doing to help our campaigns break through the clutter? We share some timely tips that you can use in upcoming campaigns, plus insider statistics from the emails that Campaign Monitor have been sending.

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Are apps the next big thing for mobile email?

Email campaigns have been intimately tied to landing pages since online marketing’s early days in the 90’s. But as we see subscribers turn to native apps on their mobile devices for more usable, engaging experiences, will we see these apps replace the mobile browser as the interface of choice when interacting with brands?

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