Jamie Dihiansan, on Basecamp, email and being a design all-rounder

Without a doubt, Basecamp get a lot done. In this interview with their designer, Jamie Dihiansan, we found out how he tackles email campaigns for their products and what designers should focus on in order to be as versatile as possible.

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How Gmail’s image update will affect reports

Concerned about the recent changes to how Gmail serves and display images will impact email senders like yourself? Here’s an overview of what’s happening at Gmail and how subscriber tracking will be affected.

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Kicking off the email season

Inboxes are crowded at this time of year - so, what can we be doing to help our campaigns break through the clutter? We share some timely tips that you can use in upcoming campaigns, plus insider statistics from the emails that Campaign Monitor have been sending.

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Are apps the next big thing for mobile email?

Email campaigns have been intimately tied to landing pages since online marketing’s early days in the 90’s. But as we see subscribers turn to native apps on their mobile devices for more usable, engaging experiences, will we see these apps replace the mobile browser as the interface of choice when interacting with brands?

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Win a copy of Offscreen Magazine by giving us your opinion

To celebrate Issue #6 of Offscreen Magazine, we've got 20 copies of this leading quarterly journal on the people behind the websites and apps to give away. The catch? We need 5 seconds of your time to decide which version of our monthly newsletter we should run with. Let us know which design is your favorite to win! Campaign Monitor and Offscreen Giveaway

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How do you do email marketing?

What's your biggest email marketing bug bear? Do you have trouble finding the information you need on email-related sites and blogs? We're currently running a series of one-on-one interviews and would love to hear what makes you tick. In exchange for 20-30 mins of your time, we'll be providing you with a gift and lunch (if we're in your neighbourhood) - you don't even have to be a customer to participate.

Update: Our interviews are now complete. Thank you to everyone who helped us!

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Support for HTML 5 elements in email

Curious about playing media in your subscribers’ inboxes, using HTML 5’s <canvas>, <audio> and <video> elements? We look at current support and conditions in the most popular email clients, so you can decide whether they’re ready for your email campaigns.

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Results from a responsive email redesign

What are the immediate benefits that can you expect to see from going responsive? Following a recent template re-design, we caught up with our friends at The Fetch and found that they had observed tangible upsides in just a few short weeks.

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CSS3 animation, SVG masks, web fonts and more in Panic’s newsletter

The latest newsletter from Panic is a veritable grab-bag of interesting techniques, many of which are commonly used on the web, but never in email. Here’s a detailed look at their design and the CSS used to make it happen - as well as the fallbacks used when not everything goes to plan. Why not try using some of these effects in your next campaign?

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61% of senders use single opt-in subscriber lists - do you?

After looking into some recent research, we were surprised to see the use of single, vs. confirmed opt-in lists was so polarizing. Find out the pros and cons of each approach, then join our discussion - which do you use and why?

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