Gmail: Larger font sizes don’t mean media query support

Are your email newsletter layouts looking different in the Gmail mobile app? A recent update got many email designer’s hopes up that media query support was finally here - but the truth is far more mundane. Read on to find out how Google’s recent updates may affect your email designs.

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Google’s responsive email moment, #letsfixemail and more at Inbox Love 2014

Are the rumors true - will Google’s email clients ever support responsive techniques? And why do Yahoo, and others render our email campaigns so differently? We went behind the scenes at Microsoft to bring you the answers.

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Your say: Conferences, talks and courses for email designers and marketers

Has there been a live event, talk or workshop that’s really helped you as an email marketer or designer? Where do you go to learn more, get inspired and network with like-minded people in our industry? We’ve listed some of the shows that have stood out to us - take a look, then let us know your favorite events.

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5 top email designers share the tools they can’t live without

What’s in your email design toolkit? We asked some of the industry’s most notable coders - from Atlassian, Litmus, Campaign Monitor and more - to show us their setup and tell us how each of their “must haves” help them create exceptional email campaigns.

After you’ve seen how they do it, let us know what apps and resources have helped you!

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The Apple iPhone 6 and Watch: What email designers should prepare for next

What’s in store for email designers and our campaigns, following today’s release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Watch? Should we all change our media queries in response to Apple’s new device resolutions?

Read on for a balanced take on whether our responsive email designs are now in need of an update, plus how the “handoff” behavior introduced by Watch could change the ways our subscribers read and interact with our campaigns.

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Is wearable technology the future of email marketing?

Could the device on your wrist soon be the first place where you check your email? And, will we soon be optimizing our campaigns for the new forms of interaction that wearable technology will bring? We look at the implications on email designers and marketers - and invite you to help us predict what will happen when smartwatches and other wearable devices become the norm.

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How we create and send a monthly email newsletter to over 175,000 subscribers

Do you struggle for content for your email newsletters and campaigns?

It’s completely understandable and many marketers do. So in this post, we wanted to share how we create and send our email newsletter to over 175,000 subscribers in the hope you’ll take away some ideas you can implement into your own process.

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What you can learn from Basecamp’s redesigned email newsletter

Do your campaigns need to lighten up a bit? We look at how Basecamp uses a mix of friendly copy, illustration and a good mobile experience to make a great impression on their customers. Take a look at their updated campaign for inspiration.

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How Sitepoint lifted their email click-through rate by 16% in one day

Could your email newsletters do with a boost? Adam Roberts at Sitepoint walked us through the process of redesigning their ultra-minimal templates - and along the way, showed us how even small changes can have a large impact on your campaign results. You’ll be sure to find inspiration for your next A/B test, too!

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Why you should treat Gmail and Google Apps as two different email clients

Are Google’s Gmail and Google Apps email clients one and the same? Not if you use CSS styles in your newsletters. We looked at the differences and outline how to avoid common pitfalls when testing your campaigns.

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