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2010 Holiday Email Competition: A Cozy Christmas Choice!

We immediately warmed to the winning email announcement in this year’s design competition.

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Personalize Landing Pages and Forms with Our Template Tags

Quickly append your email campaign links with our name and email address template tags.

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Collect Email Signups with an Ajax Form Widget for WordPress

This WordPress plugin makes adding a subscribe form to your site’s sidebar a cinch.

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Make Syncing Easy with Webhooks

Today we launched a very handy new feature making it easy to keep your Campaign…

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Designing Email Campaigns for Facebook Messages

Find out how Facebook’s updated messaging feature handles plain text and HTML email.

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$5 Million without Lifting a Finger

As of December 2010, our resellers have earned more then $5 million in automatic mark-up…

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Introducing Social Sharing

Our new Social Sharing feature makes it easy to share your campaigns on Twitter and…

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Kick off Your next Design Project with a HTML Email Creative Brief

Gather requirements and save time with this free resource for designers and resellers.

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Improved Inline CSS Support for @Media Queries and Shorthand CSS

We recently pushed some handy changes to how we automatically inline your CSS so those…

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Replace Template Tags with Their Fallback Values in One Click

View default images, test personalization and more using this handy bookmarklet.

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Tip: Override the Minimum Font Size on the iPhone and iPad

Are your table-based layouts breaking on the iPhone and iPad? Here’s an elegant fix to…

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