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CSS Support in Email?

Although the majority of the Freshview team slept blissfully through the WWDC keynote, we were all interested to hear about Apple’s new Mobile Me service, which will replace .mac in July. Once Apple’s new web applications are up and running, we’ll be sure to thoroughly test the .me email client and see how well it supports CSS in HTML email. If you can’t wait for that, you can content yourself with an update to our CSS support chart which will be coming later this week. In thinking about the continuity of email from desktop to web to mobile, one question occurs: How would you change your email newsletters if you new your readers were mobile, not sitting at their desk? Would you make them shorter? Would you have different content? Less images? More links or less links? Your thoughts appreciated! Update: One thing we forgot to mention is that Cameron Moll’s excellent book on designing for mobile devices is on sale for $10 a pop! While not focusing on email design per se, it’s still a great primer for those considering how best to approach designing for mobile devices.

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Hot Ideas for Your Email Designs

More great designs have joined the Campaign Monitor gallery recently. Browse through to pick up some great ideas you can use in your own emails. Subscribe to the email design gallery’s RSS feed to see the latest designs.

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Email as Conversation, Not Invasion

Have you ever really thought about the way email campaigns are sometimes described? Have you heard your clients talk about “email blasts” and “mail shots“? Sounds less like we are emailing our subscribers, and more like we are declaring war on them! Without getting too carried away, it’s clear that names are important. If our clients, and we ourselves think about our email campaigns as ‘blasts’, big one way transfers from us to them, we’ll be tempted to act in ways we never would in a real conversation. The more we see our audience as passive receivers of a mass message, the less likely we are to think about what works best for them instead of us. Email is such a personal medium, at least on the receiving end, and it’s a dreadful waste of that intimacy to just throw out the same message to everyone. So what do we do instead? I’m suggesting two courses of action here: Stop using war metaphors like ‘mail shot’ and ‘e-blast’ right away. Encourage your clients to think about their emails as conversation starters and updates. It sounds small but it can really impact on their decision making. Make your emails more personalized by using tools like segmenting, custom fields and analytics. It helps you to stop thinking of your readers as a single mass, and start considering them as individuals. Treating people as individuals flows through to respecting their ability to unsubscribe at any time, and not hiding the link from them. It means wherever possible letting people email you back instead of discouraging two way contact. Email should be a conversation, not an invasion.

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“Simple and Straightforward”

We’ve been using CampaignMonitor for over a year now and it’s efficiently delivered many, many thousands of emails. The process is simple and straightforward, the dispatch quick and effective, and the reports detailed and useful. I’d happily recommend the service to anyone in need of a good mailout solution. Collis Ta’eed, Co-founder /

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Connecting with Campaign Monitor

We’re always looking for new ways to connect with all you guys and girls who use Campaign Monitor – in our business it is easy for us to never hear from you at all, let alone actually meet and connecting with you. Although you have told us we have a great support team, it would be disappointing if the only time we got to connect was when something had gone wrong! So we always keep an eye out for other ways to get your feedback, share ideas and suggestions and just have a bit of fun. Part of that is attending web conferences like Web Directions and Web Visions, excellent environments to catch up in. We’ll be at Web Directions South in Sydney too, definitely come find us if you are attending. Some other options for connecting with us individually or as a company: Follow CampaignMonitor on Twitter Read the occasional Freshview blog post to find out about the team Be a fan of Campaign Monitor on Facebook The idea is that the more ways web designers have to interact with us, the more likely we’ll be to understand what you all need from Campaign Monitor and Freshview now and in the future. As an added incentive, we’ll be giving away some cool prizes in the next few months to people using all these different ways of getting in contact, and you’ve got to be in it to win it!

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No More Currency Conversion Charges for the US

Although we are an Australian company (based by the southern beaches of Sydney) the vast majority of all of you designers are based in the USA, or are at least more familiar with US dollars. For that reason we have always priced Campaign Monitor in US dollars. However, when we came to actually take the payment, we had to convert the quoted price to Australian dollars. We have always been generous on the conversion rate, so that you don’t end up paying more, but sometimes banks on the customer end will charge foreign currency conversion costs. It’s been a frustration for some time, but in the last day we’ve improved things. From now on, every campaign will be priced and charged directly in US dollars. That means your accounts team won’t be hassling you because your invoice is 8 cents off the charge on the card! The price we quote is the exact amount you will see on your statement. Thanks to everyone who has given us feedback on this issue. p.s. You can follow CampaignMonitor on Twitter to get the fastest notification of updates like these, new features, and also give us your direct feedback.

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Web Visions in Portland Oregon

It’s Web Visions time again here in my local town of not so sunny Portland, OR. I’ll be there both Thursday and Friday to enjoy some great sessions from speakers like Campaign Monitor’s frequent blog contributor Mark Wyner, Jason Grigsby, and Jeffrey Veen. So if you’re going to be attending as well, I’d love to hear from you. If you see a woman walking around in a Campaign Monitor t-shirt it’s likely me; no guarantees though! Come up and say hi, give feedback or ask questions (or all three!).

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2008 Email Design Guidelines

In this article we’ll discuss the technical, design and information elements that make up a…

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Does Yahoo! Mail Ignore Your Paragraph Tags?

If your emails to Yahoo! accounts have been feeling a little bit claustrophobic recently, we…

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Using the Campaign Monitor API with Rails

A while back we pointed to a Ruby gem for hooking into the Campaign Monitor API. It was created by Jordan Brock. On the Ruby Plus website we’ve spotted a new screencast which runs through how simple it is to use the Campaign Monitor gem to connect through your Rails application. As the author, Bala Paranj, points out, the existing Ruby gem does not include our recent API updates for creating and sending campaigns, but it is a great place to start. You can register for free at Ruby Plus and then download the screencast episode.

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Design and Spam Testing Price Drops by 50%

Since we first launched our design and spam testing tool in October of last year, you have collectively run many thousands of tests, and you’ve told us you loved the tool. Since that first launch, we have added the ‘fold’ line, and extended the tests to cover mobile email clients. In fact, you’ve told us it is so valuable that you’d love to use it even more. The huge uptake means we’ve been able to take advantage of scale and cut the price in half! The big price drop should make it possible for you to run more tests per campaign, or just make the existing testing charges you pass on to your client more profitable. We’ve got more improvements planned for the testing tool, so keep an eye on the blog for future updates. For now though, enjoy the cheaper testing! We look forward to seeing some truly excellent campaigns going out.

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