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“Highly Recommend Giving Campaign Monitor a Look”

“From the beautiful interface, to the elegant reports, to the overall intuitiveness and ease-of-use so often missing in newsletter/list management software, we have to highly recommend giving Campaign Monitor a look.” – Jason Fried, 37 Signals

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New feature: Edit and Resend a Campaign

Turns out a lot of customers were resending very similar campaigns to different recipients. Our old approach meant you had to go through the create/send process each time. Not any more. With a single click you can make a copy of a sent campaign in your drafts, make any changes and resend it. This feature is particularly useful for those customers sending the same campaign over and over with different sender details and/or recipients.

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Internationalization: Send Your Campaign in Any Language

Now that Campaign Monitor is being used in more than 40 countries around the world, support has been added for special characters outside the Western European character set. This means that you can send campaigns in languages other than English without the risk of any characters in your subject line being converted to something unreadable or worse, misleading.

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“Campaign Monitor Rocks”

“Campaign Monitor rocks. As a web designer committed to excellence in quality I expect a lot from my email administration utility, and Campaign Monitor delivers. Easy to use, aesthetically pleasant, and functionally sound.” – Mark Wyner, markWynerDesign

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Keeping Our Mac Customers Happy – Tab Delimited Files

We made our Mac customers even happier today by extending the Export Subscribers feature to include the Mac friendly tab delimited format. When exporting any of your Campaign Monitor Subscriber Lists, you now have the option of either a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file or a tab delimited file. You can also select which fields in your subscriber list you’d like to include in the export. This update also included a whole range of behind the scenes improvements that should make it easier to browse your campaign reports and send test campaigns. There have also been a number of great features requested over the past few weeks. We’re listening, so stay tuned for some exciting new updates to Campaign Monitor.

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New Feature: You Choose What Your Clients See

We have a big update coming out next week, but wanted to get this much requested feature out the door as soon as possible. While everyone loves being able to show their client’s live reports on each campaign, a lot of customers have asked how they can control what campaigns their client’s can and can’t see. Following best practice, these customers are usually sending internal test campaigns for a client before the real deal. Up until now, every one of these campaigns was viewable by the client from Online Report Access. Not any more. A new visibility column has been added to the Campaign Reports page, allowing you to flag which campaigns your clients can see via Online Report Access. Stay tuned for some even more useful new features coming your way next week.

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“I’ve Been Trying Desperately to Find an Email System for Web Developers”

“I’m highly impressed with Campaign Monitor, congratulations on an outstanding system. I’ve been trying desperately to find an email system that is built for web developers to no avail. I’ve tried everything from Cooler Email, Constant Contact, I Make News, Got Marketing and others. All of them have the same problem – hard to use interface, difficult to integrate for clients and restrictive features. Your multi-client approach and pricing model are brilliant. What I was really lacking was a simple way to let clients view their reports from our website, which you have thought out amazingly well. I also love the fact that you are not trying to push the Campaign Monitor brand through to the end user. I’ve argued that point with all the above companies as I am convinced that pushing the brand to the consumer kills business. I look forward to using Campaign Monitor for all my clients.” – Eric Pecoraro, Shepard Design

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New Feature: Display past Campaigns on a Client’s Site

A good way of convincing new subscribers to join an email list is to give them access to previous campaigns or newsletters. This is now as easy as copying and pasting one line of code on your client’s web site. You also have complete control over the formatting, sort order and look and feel of how these campaigns are displayed. Because past campaigns are displayed in valid XHTML, you can also use style sheets to make the listing look even more consistent with the existing design of the site.

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New Feature: Advanced Bounce Handling

To ensure your subscriber information remains as up to date as possible, Campaign Monitor now allows you to customize how hard and soft bounces are handled for each subscriber list. This includes setting the maximum number of soft bounces each subscriber is allowed before they are set to an inactive subscriber. You can also customize how this bounce count is affected if a campaign finally gets delivered. Tweaking these settings allows you to align each subscriber list with your client’s list hygiene preferences.

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