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5 Email Automation Workflows to Use in 2020

Ready to start using email automation workflows? Here are types 5 to get you started.

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Is There a Difference Between Marketing Emails and Transactional Emails?

How to tell the difference between marketing emails and transactional emails.

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3 Emails Publishers Can Send to Stand Out After Businesses Reopen

Publishing companies should send these three emails to stand out after businesses reopen.

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How to Get More Email Subscribers as Online Sales Grow

Capture potential subscribers from site traffic.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using Pinterest to Generate More Leads for Free

This step-by-step guide shows you how to use Pinterest to get thousands of new leads.

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4 Examples of Brands Giving Tough News During COVID-19

Giving tough news about your business? See how to do it here.

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How Nonprofits Drive Donations During a Recession

Nonprofits can drive donations in economic uncertainty with effective donor email communication.

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How to Send Re-Invite Emails After an Event was Canceled

After a canceled live event, send re-invite emails to schedule virtual conferences.

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4 Emails Hospitality Companies Should Send After COVID-19

Emails hospitality companies should send after COVID-19 to rebuild their business.

Blog Post

Emails Retailers Can Send After Reopening Their Doors

Find out how to craft considerate post-quarantine COVID-19 retail marketing emails.

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LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook: Which Platform Provides The Best Targeting Features?

Which social media platforms are the best at targeting audiences effectively?

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