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10 Strategies to Optimize Your PPC Ads and Boost Sales

PPC advertising remains one of the most effective ways to get new leads.

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Email Length Best Practices for Email Marketers and Email Newbies

Follow email length best practices to keep your messages engaging and scannable.

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10 of the Best Woocommerce Plugins Over the Years

Review this list of the 10 best WooCommerce plugins for your ecommerce store.

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Exit Intent: How Does It Work?

This guide covers exit intent popups, why you need them, and real examples.

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Surprising Video Email Marketing Statistics

Review these video email marketing statistics and examples for your next campaign.

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12 Effective Ecommerce Customer Retention Strategies

Review 12 effective ecommerce customer retention strategies to boost your revenue.

Blog Post

5 Steps to Triggered Emails That Generate Revenue

There are many types of triggered emails with potential to generate revenue.

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10 Best ConvertKit Alternatives for 2020

Review these 10 ConvertKit alternatives for 2020 that have the email tools you need.

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20 Order Confirmation Email Examples and Subject Lines

Review these 20 order confirmation examples and subject lines plus creative tips.

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5 Strategies for Solving Low Email Marketing Engagement Rates

Solving low email marketing engagement rates is critical.

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We’ve Listed the Best Shopify Apps for 2020 Businesses

If your ecommerce store needs help, consider using one of these 7 Shopify apps.

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