Gallery: Gwarsh Brandmail

By David Greiner on 29th August 2006

See the complete email designIt’s with a touch of nostalgia that we features this fantastic email design by Australian based Gwarsh. Just over 16 months ago another Gwarsh design was the second email we ever profiled in the gallery.

Our biggest piece of feedback then was that too much of the important text was image based (read why it shouldn’t be). The designer, Joel Wasserman, certainly took our advice on board for the latest version with a fantastic newsletter design promoting their portfolio and services.

The image-based text from the previous version is long gone leaving a great looking design that works with images on or off.

Designer:  Joel Wasserman  |  See the complete design

1 Comment

  • Nate Kresse
    28th October

    First off, very nice design. May I suggest that you find a way to link the content in your email directly to the part of your site that it reflects. Having to go through your splash page, main menu, secondary pages to find the content is far too much to ask.  If you have to rewrite your site. Do it.

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