Making the most of your unsubscribes

By David Greiner on 18th August 2006

Yesterday we highlighted some great tips for welcoming new subscribers to your list, so today we thought we’d look at the flipside. Stefan Pollard just put together some great suggestions for getting the most out of anyone leaving your subscriber list.

As you know, Campaign Monitor requires a single-click unsubscribe link to be included in every email you send. On top of this, we also let you set up a confirmation page to redirect the unsubscriber to, and this is where Stefan’s tips shine. He writes…

Instead of letting unsubscribers go with just a thank-you note, give them the opportunity to tell you why they’re leaving. You can use that information to sharpen the focus of your e-mail program, redo your template or send schedule, improve personalization, or find other ways to become more valuable to subscribers or customers.

We especially liked these 2 suggestions:

  1. Include a form giving that gives them an opportunity to let you know why they unsubscribed, such as no longer interested, was sent too frequently, etc.
  2. If you have other newsletters on different topics or sent less often, give them the opportunity to subscribe to them instead.

Out of any subscribers in your list, it’s the people who are leaving that can offer the best advice on what needs improving.

1 Comment

  • Nick Finck
    19th August

    Thanks for this post and the one before it about subscribing.  I’ve taken this advice to heart.  I spiced up our subscribe pages and emails, I have updated our unsubscribe page as well.  Hopfully it will improve the reader’s expereince.  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, keep these kinds of posts coming!

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